High-end brand of female private maintenance
Palace password, metaphorical inheritance of the classical han, unlock the female palace health password. The palace password perfectly combines the traditional concept of traditional Chinese medicine with modern production technology. At the same time, it integrates a number of classical secret recipes, and USES advanced extraction technology to extract the essence and transform it into a luxurious and beautiful private protection product -- palace password. MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS
Natural herbal health care Yin

Gong ciphers adhere to the traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation, selected soil, climate suitable areas of sufficient age, color good herbs, to "clear, adjust, repair, repair" as the maintenance concept, fundamentally remove the female physiological concerns, and then improve the health of its female private parts. Carry forward the rigorous spirit of ancient Chinese medicine and speak for the inheritance of national culture!

Palace password with modern research and development technology, to overcome the ancient herbal boil preservation but can not extract the ultra-high concentration of the drawbacks, the use of high-tech extraction and preservation technology ancient herbal medicine efficacy greatly improved, so that women can rely on natural herbs to maintain the lower body, relive the girl tight。Traditional Chinese medicine recuperates and repairs nature

Eliminate accumulated toxin, fundamentally remove female physiological worries

Regulate secreting system, improve its constitution and skin condition, keep the complexion anti - aging

Supplement cell nutrition balance inside and outside gentle maintenance